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Making Your Vision for Your Business a Reality

Eric & Jalima founded 22Vision Consulting Group 7 years ago out of their bold passion for spreading the gospel of Christ and assisting others of like faith in pursuing their God-given dreams and ideas! While serving in ministry, they realized they both had a niche for creating solutions to make people's vision a reality. They strongly believe AND even teach those they served alongside that no excuse is worth abandoning what God put in you. And, from that idea, 22Vision was birthed. So, upon graduating from seminary - Jalima with her Master of Divinity and Eric with his Master of Religion, they knew that this passion aligned with their purpose and would be both for the church and other visionaries.


Little did they know that God was calling them to touch the lives of those beyond the Christian community.  22Vision has grown to work alongside various entrepreneurs and visionaries from various walks of life. From designing custom websites, consulting, designing a brochure, or even a logo, Jalima & Eric have made it their mission to serve fellow visionaries and those serious about building a legacy! They have a goal to support 100 NEW legacy-building visionaries by the end of 2023.


"Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it."
- Habakkuk 2:2

How We Serve You


Do you have a business, ministry, or church that needs a website? Not sure where to begin? Let us design a high-quality website just for you. We work closely with you to design a unique site that meets and exceeds your expectation. We'll even design a unique packet that fits your needs. We are confident that in the end you will value our services.

Web Design
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Need a logo for your business or next venture? Let us create your font-based logo. Whether it's a wordmark or lettermark logo, we can design it for you. 

Contact us today for pricing!

Logo Design
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We create graphic materials for printed advertisements, brochures, and marketing materials. So the next time you need a flyer to promote your event or a cover for a new book we are here for you! 

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Letterheads

  • Programs

  • Posters

  • Invitations

All we need to know is your vision for the design and the specifications you need to send to the printing company. 

Print Design
Online Conference

When God calls you to do a great work you need support and assistance in fulfilling that vision and that is what we do – We come alongside the small business owner, entrepreneur, and visionary leader so they can fully pursue what God has called them to. We serve you by collaborating with you to offer professional administrative consulting services that increase productivity, while also improving your current business strategies to ensure things are flowing and operating both efficiently and effectively.

Professional Administrative Consulting
What Do We Do?

Here at 22Vision, we work alongside the small business owner, entrepreneur, and visionary leader  to help them fulfill the vision God has given them. The Bible instructs us to write down our vision clearly so that the runner can see it. We support our clients by ensuring their vision is clear for every runner to see AND understand it. By doing this, we are helping individuals and organizations make their vision become a reality.  

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