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 Why We Do It 

Sitting around a table, they all shared their dreams and their vision for what God had shown them. Page after page, thoughts filled the yellow notepad of written ideas. They all were excited and ready to move on to the next step." So where do we start?" was naturally the next question. The silence that followed caused hesitation as they were not quite sure how to answer the question. The long task list was great! The drive to get it done was awesome! The vision was clear! But the strategic process to tackle the extensive task list needed to be developed.


How many of you can relate to the story above? Or maybe you are further along, and now you’re stuck? Maybe it’s a strategic plan, a website, social media setup, administrative support, or leadership development and training. The bottom line is that you need assistance to get it done. The vision that God gave you was not given for you to try to tackle alone!

Stories like this gave birth to 22Vision Consulting Group. We work alongside the visionary leader to remove the roadblocks that may be hindering the progression of vision. Regardless of the organization, size, or budget, 22Vision works with each client with a spirit of excellence. With over 15 years of effective service in ministry, we are ready to work alongside you!


Eric & Jalima Cook

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